Security is our

You entrust us with your sensitive documents, that is a big responsibility.

Made with security in mind.

We take security intothe development of FileOfficer. Each function is discussed in advance in order to avoid any security risks.

Suspicious behavior is detected and acted on. If someone tries to open a delivery that is not meant for him or her, it will be locked automatically.

The sender have always insight into what happens to the delivery. Will it be opened? Has a file been downloaded? Has the identification failed? It is all insightful through our Track & Trace system.

Your documents are encrypted.

As soon as you upload a file to FileOfficer, we encrypt it immediately. This way we prevent an intruder (because 100% security does not exist unfortunately) can view your documents.

Because of the encryption, we do not even have insight into the content of your files.

Questions about our security?

Read these frequently asked questions, or contact us.

Sometimes you do not have to reveal all your secrets. To not help people with wrong intentions, we can not tell all our methods. The one we can tell is when someone identifies too often.

If you try to open an envelope and you identify yourself three times wrong then we will lock the envelope. In addition, the IP address of the computer will be logged.

We use AES-256 encryption, signed with a message authentication code (MAC). We use this not only for your files, but also for your data in our database.

For sure! All OAuth apps are checked periodically by us. We check whether the developer keeps to our guidelines for apps. Does he or she not do this? Then the app will be blocked and automatically expires all given permissions and tokens. Does the developer go wrong again? Then the entire FileOfficer-account will be suspended.

Yes, this is possible. AppOne, the developer of FileOfficer, has a Responsible Disclosure (Dutch). It describes how weaknesses can be reported and what conditions apply to receiving a reward (bounty).