Deliver your documents


Setup your own identification for the receiver. Only when the identification succeed, he or she will have access to your documents.

Multiple receivers.

You can specify multiple receivers and setup the identification for each of them. You can also lock them separately.

Track & Trace.

Keep track of what is happening with your delivery via a log.

Integrate via the API.

Sending documents from your own system is simple with our easy API.

How it works.

FileOfficer is easy to use allowing sending
your documents within

Give your delivery a name and choose your recipient(s).

By giving your retour a name you can find it easier. You also choose who you want to get documents from.

Choose your identification method(s).

Choose, per recipient, through which method(s) you want him / her to be identified. You can choose as many as you want and find safe.

Provide the documents you want to send.

Upload the documents you want to send to your recipients.

Your recipient(s) will download the document(s).

After identification, the recipient can download the files you've uploaded.

Track the activities of your delivery.

After sending your delivery you can track all the activity via our Track & Trace.
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